Terms and conditions



Reservations can be made online at breakoutrotterdam.nl and telephone. After making a reservation, a confirmation email will be sent. When this confirmation email is not received, the reservation is not established. Note that the confirmation email is occasionally in a spam.


Cancellations must be made via the e-mail address: info@breakoutrotterdam.nl. The customer has the possibility to cancel the appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. If the customer cancels the appointment within 24 hours or doesn’t show up at the appointment, a sum of Eur 45,- will be charged.

BREAKOUT ROTTERDAM has the ability to cancel or modify the reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.

The experience

When you enter the game activities BREAKOUT ROTTERDAM you must understand that you do not do an everyday activity. It is an exciting game, but also suitable for pregnant women and people of 65+. During the game, the space is by means of a camera held in the holes. This makes it possible to, at any time, by the occurrence of any calamity, directly to be able to open the door. No shots are taken. Participation in the game activities is always at your own risk.


BREAKOUT ROTTERDAM does not take responsibility for theft and / or damage to personal property and personal injury caused while in the venue, location or place related to the Escape room game. In the lobby there is room for bags, jackets, telephones, etc. to leave in the lockers (lockers).

Binding Terms and Conditions

You (the Customer) are the contracting party of Breakout Rotterdam. These Terms and Conditions also apply to Breakout Rotterdam and participants, which are not directly party to the agreement between Breakout Rotterdam and the Customer, who has signed the agreement. The Customer is responsible for the latter. The Customer indemnifies Breakout Rotterdam for any claim that participants could file towards Breakout Rotterdam, the foregoing insofar as Breakout Rotterdam's liability would be excluded if the participants would have been directly linked to these Terms and Conditions.


The pleasure of escape games is to solve the puzzles. Treat your friends also this fun and tell them about your experience, but not the secrets. Consider yourself to secrecy.


Children 13 years and younger are admitted only if accompanied by a person 16 years or older.

Alhocol / drugs

During the game, drug and / or alcohol are prohibited. On suspicion of drug use staff of BREAKOUT ROTTERDAM reserves the right to the person in question not to play and to remove from the property. This also applies to alcohol consumption.
When at the start of the game an employee of BREAKOUT ROTTERDAM doubts about the condition of a participant, the employee has the right to refuse such participant without refund.

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January 29th 2015. These terms and conditions are subject to change.